Email me: how to proceed

Email harvesters are one of the major pests of internet: they crawl the web, looking after email adresses that could be sold to spammers.
In order to let you know what's my email adress, while avoiding spambots to discover it, I'll ask you to think...

To write the monster, type "olivier.caro60", add the usual hieroglyph that means "at", add the name "sfr", add a dot, and finish with the french suffix fr. Good!

One tiny detail, however: in the "object" field of your message, type the four digits of the year of the first edition of Linnaeus's Systema Naturae (not 1767 please), and continue as you wish.

Emails without this code will be destroyed immediately. But people who'll email me with these 4 digits will be added to my whitelist, which will allow them to write anything they want in the "object" field next time they decide to give me news.

A last thing: do not search too seriously after links here, all are spider-traps. Don't follow them or you'll get trouble.
Good luck!