Haliotis spadicea Donovan, 1808
Distribution: South Africa. Western Cape to Kwazulu-Natal.
Size to 95mm. Average 50-60mm. In shallow water on exposed shores.

Specimen in natural condition. At low tide in crevice, Jeffrey's Bay, Western Cape, 57mm.
The shape is typical: "Shell [...] arched, convex [...] inflated around spire" (Poppe & Geiger, 2000).
Many holes open, flat. Ventral margin wavy.
The inner spire often shows a red blotch. Otherwise, this species is not very variable.
Table Bay, Western Cape. 52mm.
Table Bay, 67mm. Notice the furrow between the suture and the row of holes,
a feature that is constant in the species, even if it is not always so pronounced.
Algoa Bay, 66mm. Perfect red splash.

All pics © Olivier Caro