Haliotis rugosa rugosa Lamarck, 1822
Distribution: Mauritius, Réunion.
Size to 61mm. Subtidal to a few meters deep, under lava blocks or coral slabs.

This specimen was fished at 2m deep, under coral stone, in the lagoon,
in Mahébourg Bay, Grand Port, Mauritius. This is the type locality. 36,5mm.
Typical features: dorsal surface with flat cords of variable widths, growth marks,
large columella, spire visible in ventral view.
Same spot, 33mm. The dorsum sometimes shows an alternance of large and thin cords.
Columella flat and wide. Near the spire, it is always striated.
Same spot, 23 & 30,5mm. The colours are variable.
Typical features are these "watercolor-like" transitions (Geiger) between two patches:
the borders are not clearly delimited; often, they are fuzzy.
Two specimens from unknown locality. 13-41mm.
Original pictures © F. Frydman.
A fascinating species.
On beach, after storm, Bel Ombre, Mauritius. 27-28-29mm.
Strong sculpture.
Under coral stones, at extreme low tide, Flic-en-Flac, Mauritius. 25mm.
Weak sculpture.
Trois Bassins, Souris Chaude, Réunion. 41,5mm.
Dead collected at low tide in lagoon near reef, south of the gully of Trois Bassins,
Souris Chaude, Réunion island. 23-32mm.
Sculpture, colour and pattern variations, in specimens from Mauritius.
Original pictures © F. Frydman.

All pics © Olivier Caro