Haliotis rubiginosa Reeve, 1846
Distribution: Queensland, Lord Howe Group, Tonga.
Size up to 50mm. Intertidal to shallow subtidal.

The shell is covered by large flat cords that are regularly spaced.
These cords often bear strong scales, especially at growth marks when they can "take off" the shell.
3-5m deep, on rocks, Lord Howe island. 26mm.
Haliotis rubiginosa:
"Hal. testâ ovatâ, subdepresso-convexâ, radiatim plicato-rugosâ, spiraliter liratâ,
iris obtusè squamatis, foraminibus subapproximatis, senis perviis,
extus rubiginoso- aurantiâ, spiraliter albi-strigatâ, intus argenteâ.

Hab. —— ?

L.A. Reeve: Descriptions of forty new species of Haliotis, from the collection of H. Cuming, Esq.
Proceedings of the Zoological Society of London, XIV: 53-59
Source Biosphia, archive 00000065.
At low tide, under rocks, Lord Howe island.
29,5mm. Original pictures © R. Kershaw.
A specimen in F. Frydman's collection. 36mm.
Pattern variations in rubiginosa.
Inshore from rocky reef near Signal Port Beach. Lord Howe. 32mm.
Same spot: 23-27mm.
North Passage of Lagoon, West Side of Lord Howe. Both 22,5mm.
Original pictures © F. Frydman.

All pics © Olivier Caro