Haliotis roei J.E. Gray, 1826
Distribution: southern coast of Australia, from York Peninsula to Shark Bay.
Size to 114mm. Intertidal to a few meters deep, in crevices on exposed shores.
Specimens over 70mm are commercially fished.

Syn: scabricostata Menke, 1843. The shell is rounded and quite flat, with an elevated spire,
and many irregular dorsal cords, scaly (scabrous) and of various widths. One can notice some odd
characteristics in holes: the latest formed is not necessarily the larger, and the animal can decide
to close a hole even if the neighbours remain open. SW. Australia, 107mm.
It has been shown (Kessing & Wells, 1989) that subtidal specimens grow faster and larger
than intertidal ones. 6-8m deep, under reef ledges, Hopetown, SW. Australia, 90mm.
SW. Australia, 88mm. From coll. Ernest Zurrer (NZ).
The species can hybridize with Haliotis laevigata and H. rubra conicopora.
Intertidal to 5m deep, Esperance, SW. Australia.
87-88mm. Original pictures © R. Kershaw.

All pics © Olivier Caro