Haliotis queketti E.A. Smith, 1910
Distribution: South Africa. Eastern Cape to Kwazulu-Natal.
Geiger & Pisor (1999) report a record from Somalia.
Size to 52mm. Average ca. 30mm. Subtidal to 160m.

Rounded, hight-spired, holes elevated. Deep suture.
15m deep, under rock, Coffee Bay, Wild Coast, Eastern Cape. 30mm.
Sculpture variation. Spiral cords remain principally near suture.
5-20m deep, Transkei region. 34-36mm. Original pictures © R. Kershaw.
Pink: Park Rynie, Transkei (high profile reef), by day dive at 120ft on hard substrate among reef structure.
Red ones: 15m deep, under rocks, Coffee Bay, Transkei. 27-31mm. Original pictures © F. Frydman.

All pics © Olivier Caro