Haliotis parva Donovan, 1808
Distribution: South Africa. Western and Eastern Cape.
Size to 57mm. 10-20m deep, in sheltered waters.

One distinctive feature is that rounded piral ridge that runs near the row of holes.
This same ridge occurs in the Australian species H. scalaris (Leach, 1814).
Dead collected, at 15m deep, on reef, False Bay, Western Cape. 33mm.
Same spot. 34mm. The surface is covered by quadrangular cells.
38mm specimen. The spiral ridge is clearly visible, even on ventral view.
If colours and patterns are variable, the sculpture remains more or less constant.
Under rocks on reef, at 20m deep, False Bay, Western Cape.
24mm, 1986, by D. Forcelli. The ventral view shows interesting formations.
At 25m deep, under rock and coral, Buffels bay, Western Cape. 33mm, 2007.
Again a ventral side full of odd vermicelli.
Excellent specimen, with average pattern.
Buffels Bay, at 15-20m deep. 27mm.
Shallow water under rocks, north of Port Elisabeth, eastern cape.
39-48mm. Pictures © R. Kershaw.

All pics © Olivier Caro