Haliotis marmorata speciosa Reeve, 1846
Distribution: Morocco to Sénégal, Cabo Verde archipelago...
Size to 88,25mm (2014)

1-2m deep, on rocks, Pointe des Almadies. 30-53mm.
The species has rounded spiral cords. H. tuberculata Linnaeus has a straighter anterior margin, H. marmorata s.s has a sharper sculpture, and both can display a wider range of colours.
Specimen in natural condition, from Pointe des Almadies, Dakar, Sénégal. 66mm.
Above and below: 6 shells from the same spot. Restaurant discards, Almadies, Dakar. 40-75mm.
66mm. Pattern and colours do not vary. The red line that connects the holes is not always present, but it exists in the subspecies.
Red specimens. 51-58mm. The red line appears.
56mm. Nacre with blue and magenta sheens.

Variations from north to south:
Area: from Casablanca to São Tomé

Variations in a same place:
Two shells found at 1m deep, under rocks, Casablanca area, Morocco. 47-48mm.
The tuberculata figured on first plate of P.A. Bernard's Shells of Gabon can be exactly placed between
these two specimens: its sculpture, shape and colours are those of speciosa, and never appear in the atlantic tuberculata. Red line.
At low tide under stone, Sidi Ahmed, Doukhala-Abda, W. Morocco. 44-48mm. No red line.
Same spot. 45,7mm. Red line.
Above and below, variations in a same locality: On rocks, Les Almadies, Dakar, Sénégal. 64-72mm.
This shell looks a bit like an old tuberculata from W. France, but its shape remains typical of marmorata.
An interesting change, which appears on both sizes of the shell.
All marmorata have the same kind of sculpture and pattern. H. tuberculata is much more variable.
Good sculpture on this pair, from Almadies, Dakar, Sénégal. Fished at extreme low tide. 31-43mm.
The WRS (2014): collected at 12m deep, in an octopus den, Almadies. 88,25mm.
Original pictures: © P. Ryall (AU).

All pics © Olivier Caro