Haliotis marmorata marmorata Linnaeus, 1758
Distribution: Ivory Coast to Gabon
Size to 78,8mm (2014).

Specimens from Ghana. The sculpture is thinner than in marmorata speciosa. Attached under rocks, at 5-6m deep, "Nzema Cape", Nzema side of Cape 3 Points, Western region. 26-34mm, 2008. From coll. P. Ryall.
8-10m deep, under rocks, Virgins Pools, Takoradi, Western Region, Ghana. 57mm. From coll. P. Ryall.
Notice the red line that runs along the row of holes. This feature is encountered in the three subspecies: geigeri, marmorata and speciosa.
Takodari again: 4-6m deep, attached under rocks, Busua Island, Busua Dixcove, 47-50mm.
Synonym: rosacea Reeve, 1846. An exceptionnal species.
20m deep, in octpus den, Vridi Canal, Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire. 31,26-34,34mm.
Original pictures: © P. Ryall (AU).
The WRS (2014): dead collected at 8m deep, on sand between big rocks, Abokwa Island, Busua, Ghana. 78,8mm.
Original pictures: © P. Ryall (AU).

All pics © Olivier Caro