Haliotis iris Gmelin, 1791
Distribution: New Zealand, Chatham, Stewart.
Size up to 198mm. Intertidal to 15m deep.

Above and below: specimens in natural condition. 178-183mm.
Typically striated muscle scars in adult iris.
"Prepared" Paua for shell craft & souvenir shops (dorsum and lip partially polished).
The blue iridescent nacre varies little from a shell to an other. 132mm.
Under rock ledges, at 5m deep, Kaikoura, South Island. 119mm.
Younger specimen from Paihia, Bay of Islands, North Island. 91mm. From coll. ernest Zurrer (NZ).
A specimen collected at 5m deep, Riverton, Southland, South Island.
130mm. Original picture © R. Kershaw.
Dark specimen.
145mm. Original picture © F. Frydman.
Beachstormed young adult, Little Taupiri Bay, NE. of Waikare, Northland, North Island. 57,5mm.

All pics © Olivier Caro