Haliotis glabra Gmelin, 1791
Distribution: south Japan to SE. Indonesia.
Size up to 68mm. Intertidal to 20m deep, in coral reefs.

Typical specimens, from Cebu, Philippines.
Shell flat, spire flat, holes flat, and some flat spiral cords. The surface is smooth, with a velvety touch.
Same kind of pattern than in asinina Linnaeus, 1758. 41-43mm.
The columella is wide, and the spire hardly visible on ventral side.
The dorsum is often eroded, especially near the apex. 34-48mm.
Some specimens bear slightly elevated holes, but this feature remains uncommon.
This shell had a difficult life. Many diet changes, and a kind of cystic bump appears near the spire. 38mm.
3 other specimens from Cebu, Philippines. Sizes ca. 35mm.
Two shells from Philippines, with uncommon patterns:
smaller comes from Pintayan point, southern Leyte, at 1m deep. 18mm.
Lagrer was fished at 1-2m deep, on reef, Bohol. 44mm.
Philippines, shallow water, 47mm.
Original picture © R. Kershaw.
Pattern table.
Original pictures © R. Kershaw.
Range extension: at low tide on rock in pool, Hyupjae beach, SW. of Hallin, Jeju island, South Korea. 48mm. Original pictures © F. Frydman.

All pics © Olivier Caro