Haliotis gigantea Gmelin, 1791
Distribution: In Japan, at least in the Honshu. Size up to 220mm.

10-15m deep, Chiba prefecture, Honshu, 148mm. The species is large, rounded, heavier than discus or madaka, and the colour is mainly brick-red, with paler radial bands.
The depressed spire is sometimes visible in ventral view. No muscle scar. Smooth shells like this one are not common: most of them are quite bumpy. A typical feature is, at the extremity of the row of holes, the triangular shape of the margin; some shells thus present a kind of remarkably marked "tail".
Row of holes: it runs along a angulous crest. Holes themselves are often elevated, tubular,
drawing a short crenelated crown upon the anterior dorsal area.
The dorsal side is like an old folded cliff. Few holes are open; usually less than six.
A baby, dead collected at low tide, along driftline, Gimnyeong beach, Jeju City,
Jeju island, South Korea. 28mm. Original pictures © F. Frydman.

All pics © Olivier Caro