Haliotis fulgens Philippi, 1845
Distribution: central California to SW. Baja California.
Size up to 255mm. Subtidal to 10-20m deep.

Shell brownish. Dorsum often eroded, covered with round spiral cords.
Sometimes folded along growth lines. Spire hardly visible on ventral side. Muscle scar truncated on
posterior end. Many conchiolin deposits.
Ensenada de todos Santos, Baja California, W. Mexico, 184mm. From coll. Annie Bombeke (FR).
Above and below: same spot, 202mm.
This old timer has been completely eroded. In adult and gerontic specimens, the lip is often thick, the sculpture gone away, and the shell inhabited by many, many people.
1 & 2: closed holes; 3: suture near the spire; 4: eroded apex; 5: on the dorsum.
Same spot, 154mm. The species usually bears little elevated holes,
and the spiral cords are not so scaly.
Same spot, 166mm. The younger shells have a serrated margin, which follows the dorsal sculpture.
Above and below:
Flatter than average, and lighter in weight. The spiral sculpture is finer, with radial folds,
and mottlings of white to aqua-green. Nacre more silvery than blue.
Ensenada de todos santos, Baja California, 146mm. From Coll. Annie Bombeke (FR).
A depressed spire and a higher number of holes are two more differences with average specimens.

All pics © Olivier Caro