Haliotis australis Gmelin, 1791
Distribution: New Zealand. North & south Island, Stewart, Chatham, Snares.
Size up to 123mm, average ca. 80mm. Intertidal to 15m deep.

Pale specimen from Chatham island, 83mm. Formerly in coll. Ernest Zurrer (NZ).
84mm, from Chatham. The color varies little, from whitish to red. From coll. Ernest Zurrer.
Red! under rock ledges at 5m deep, Whalers Bay, Kaikoura, South Island. 74mm.
Green: under boulders in shallow water, Kaikoura coast, South Island. 85mm.
Pale to red: Under rock ledges, at extreme low tide, Dunedin, South Island. 55mm.
Beachstormed young adult, Little Taupiri Bay, NE. of Waikare, Northland, North Island. 44,5mm.
10m deep, on rocks, Patterson inlet, Stewart Island. 56mm.

All pics © Olivier Caro