Talochlamys multistriata (Poli, 1795)
British Isles to Cape Province, Azores to Mediterranean. Lives on muddy sands or sandy mud, often sheltered under stones or rocks, from subtidal grounds down to continental shelf. This is a swimming scallop. Original taxon: Ostrea multistriata.

50-60m deep, off Taormina, Messina Strait, SW. Italy. 15mm.
Under rocks at 20-25m deep, Seddülbahir, Gallipoli peninsula, Çanakkale, W. Marmara province, NW. Turkey. 13-16mm. Synonyms: Pecten effulgens, textilis & tinctus, Reeve 1853.
Above and below: comparison between young Mimachlamys varia (left & right) and adult Talochlamys multistriata (center). The very first difference is in the number of ribs: 25 to 35 in varia, 50 to 80 in multistriata.

Beach drift, Isola Rossa, NW. Corsica, 13mm.
Top: Mimachlamys varia.
Bottom: Talochlamys multistriata.
Outside (O) — M. varia shows few ribs with sparse scales near the margin, while T. multistriata has a dense fan of ribs with many scales.
Ctelonium (C) — 6 teeth in varia, 4 in multistriata.
Inside (I) — umbonal area thinner and more translucent in multistriata than in varia.
Found on fishing boats in the harbour, Grado, Friuli Venezia Giulia, NE. Italy. 13mm. Many variants were named; this one is “aurantiaca” Locard.
Variation set, collected at 2-10m deep, Cap de Nice, Côte d’Azur, SE. France. 20-38mm. Original pictures provided by Eymard Gilbert (FR) – CC BY-NC-SA.
Same spot, 8m deep. 41mm.
Original pictures provided by Eymard Gilbert (FR).
The species in L. A. Reeve: Conchologia iconica vol. VIII, London 1855:
« 106 – Pecten tinctus: Shell triangularly ovate, higher than long, hardly equilateral, equivalve, valves everywhere radiately densely strongly ridged, ridges rather irregular, for the most par in pairs, serrated ; whitish, stained and variegated with orange-vermilion ; ears very unequal. »
« 156 – Pecten effulgens: Shell ovate, higher than long, rather thin, equivalve, nearly equilateral, neatly rayed throughout with numerous thin many-scaled ridges ; bright orange-vermilion, archedly streaked with light white-edged purple ; ears rather small, very inequivalve [sic]. »
« 174 – Pecten textilis: Shell ovate, rather higher than long, equilateral, nearly equivalve, left valve flatter, both valves densely irregularly ridged, ridges obtusely scaled throughout ; white, mottled with bright orange ; ears very unequal. »
Intercostal microsculpture in a young specimen (7mm long) from the upper circalittoral, Giglio island, Toscana, W. Italy. Top: outside; bottom: inside. Each frame is 1,5mm in width.

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