Pododesmus squama (Gmelin, 1791)
Iceland & Norway to South Africa, Mediterranean. Suspension feder, from the lower intertidal down to 100m deep, fixed on stones, hard debris or other shells. Original taxon: Patella squama. A Synonym could be glauca Monterosato.

Found on dead valve of Mactra, intertidal, entrance of Ayrolles lagoon, Gruissan, Occitania, S. France. 23mm.
Specimen from N. Atlantic.
100m deep, in a dead Neptunea despecta, Faxaflói, W. Iceland. 13mm.
10m deep, attached inside a valve of Callista chione, NW. shore of Vouliagmeni marine lake, west of Perachora, Loutraki area, northeastern Korinthia, Greece. 13,5mm.
Young specimen attached to the columella of a wrecked Galeodea echinophora (Linnæus, 1758). Entrance of Ayrolles lagoon, Gruissan-Plage, Aude, Occitania, S. France. 5mm.

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