Heteranomia squamula (Linnæus, 1758)
British Isles & NW. Europe to Mediterranean, New-York to Saint-Laurent. Lower intertidal to bathyal depths.
Original taxon: Anomia squamula.
120m deep, off Alghero, Sassari, NW. Sardinia. 5mm.
Left valve irregularly sculptured, from an almost smooth surface with concentric lines to a scaly-spiny relief. « Frequent on oysters, lobsters, crabs, and other marine bodies. Is distinguished from the young of the A. ephippium by being smooth, and by the small pointed beak or umbo ; is also much more flat. » – G. Montagu: Testacea Brittanica part. I, London 1803, via BHL.

Intertidal, in mussel farm, Bay of Saint-Brieuc, north Brittany, NW. France. 6,5-11,5mm.

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