Glossus humanus (Linnæus, 1758)
Iceland & Norway to Morocco, Azores to Mediterranean. Muddy bottoms from sublittoral to continental shelf.
Above and below: 26m deep, on mud, off Dalmatia, NE. Adriatic. 80mm.
Original taxon: Cardium humanum.
Trawled off La Spezia, Liguria, NW. Italy. 55,6mm.
Synonyms: Isocardia cor, I. globosa, I. lunulata
Trawled off Málaga, Andalucia, S. Spain. 70mm.
A specimen from the gulf of Cádiz, atlantic Andalucia. 80mm.
Shells from NE. Atlantic are often more elongate – a clinal variant named “hibernicus.”
Inn the beginnings, there was a strong misunderstanding of what was Cardium humanum. In fact, people did not make the difference between the big heart of isocardia cor and the little heart of the genus Corculum. This is the reason why Cardium humanum in Martini & al.: Neues systematisches Conchylien-Cabinet VI, was confused with Corculum cadissa. And the references were false also. For instance, in Martini op. cit., the reference to Lister’s Historiæ conchyliorum leads to cardissa. The true C. humanum by Lister is displayed in 275/111 – picture above, via BHL.
Isocardia cor in J. G. Bruguière: Histoire naturelle des Vers, Atlas tome II, Paris 1827, via BHL.
Isocardia cor in Forbes & Hanley: British Mollusca, vol. I, London 1853, via BHL.

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