Gari virgata (Lamarck, 1818)
Portugal to Sénégal, Canarias, W. mediterranean. Deposit feeder in the infralittoral.
Original taxon: Psammobia virgata.
Synonyms: costata, intermedia.
12m deep, muddy bottom, Málaga, Andalucia, S. Spain. 37mm.
Dead specimen in a typical rubble, at low tide, in Cádiz province, W. Andalucia. The species is characterized by its strong concentric ribs. Original picture provided by B.J. Muñoz Sanchez (ES).
Psammobia intermedia Deshayes, pictured in L. A. Reeve: Conchologia iconica vol. X, London 1858, via BHL.
« Shell ovately transverse, rather convex, solid, equilateral, whitish, finely rayed with rose, partially covered with a yellow epidermis, transversely wrinkled, wrinkles rude, rather solid, promiscuously waved, posteriorly thicker and very irregular, anterior side rounded, posterior rather attenuated and compressed, slopingly truncated. A fine species, chiefly distinguished by the boldness and irregular waved development of its wrinkled sculpture. »
Psammobia virgata in J. G. Bruguière: Tableau encyclopédique et méthodique… vol. II, Paris 1791, via BHL.

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