Roxaniella jeffreysi (Weinkauff, 1866)
Madeira to Canarias, Mediterranean. Grazer in the infralittoral.
Often found on leaves of Posidonia oceanica.
Original taxon: Bulla (Cylichna) jeffreysi.
A specimen from 30m deep, southern Tyrrhenian Sea. 3,1mm. Original pictures provided by F. Roncone (IT) – (CC BY-NC-SA).
8m deep, in shell grit, Bozcaada island, Çanakkale,
W. Marmara province, NW. Turkey. 6mm.
Atys jeffreysi in W. Kobelt: “Die Familie Bullidae”, Systematisches Conchylien-Cabinet Bd.1:Abt.9, Nürnberg 1896, figures 19 and 22 (instead of 19-20 as writen).
« Testa obeso-cylindrica, supra et infra truncata, sub lente supra et infra spiraliter striatula, medio laevis [“becoming indistinct in the middle” – H. A. Pilsbry in Tryon’s Manual of conchology], lineis incrementi subtilissimis tantum sculpta, tenuis, translucida, lutescenti-viridis; apex anguste umbilicatus; apertura supra producta, angusta, infra perparum dilatata; columella parum incrassata. »
Beach drift, Port-Vendres, Eastern Pyrenean, S. France.
5,5mm. Original pictures provided by R. Huet (FR)
The genus Roxaniella was given by T. A. di Monterosato in Nomenclatura generica e specifica di alcune conchiglie mediterranee, Palermo 1884, p.145. « They are diaphanous, date-shaped species, with a rippled spiral sculpture; the columella has a twisted bead that simulates a fold. »

Beach drift, Plage de la Franqui, Leucate, Occitania, S. France. 4,2mm. In collection A. Bertrand (FR). Original pictures provided by S. Clanzig (FR) – (CC BY-NC-SA).
The shell differs from that of Retusa crebrisculpta (Monterosato, 1884) by its date-shape, while the shell of crebrisculpta has a more expanded basal extremity. Le Scole, south of the harbour, Isola del Giglio, Toscana, W. Italy. 2,5mm.
10m deep, Split area, S. Croatia. 5mm.
Original pictures provided by P. Ugarković (HR).
4m deep, on fine sand, Maslinova Bay, northwestern coast of Brač island, Split-Dalmatia Comitat, S. Croatia. 8mm. Original picture provided by R. Stanić (HR) – (CC BY-NC-SA).

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