Roxaniella jeffreysi (Weinkauff, 1866)
Madeira to Canarias, Mediterranean. Grazer in the infralittoral.
Often found on leaves of Posidonia oceanica.
Original taxon: Bulla (Cylichna) jeffreysi.
A specimen from 30m deep, southern Tyrrhenian Sea. 3,1mm. Original pictures provided by F. Roncone (IT) – (CC BY-NC-SA).
8m deep, in shell grit, Bozcaada island, Çanakkale,
W. Marmara province, NW. Turkey. 6mm.
Atys jeffreysi in W. Kobelt: “Die Familie Bullidae”, Systematisches Conchylien-Cabinet Bd.1:Abt.9, Nürnberg 1896, figures 19 and 22 (instead of 19-20 as writen).
« Testa obeso-cylindrica, supra et infra truncata, sub lente supra et infra spiraliter striatula, medio laevis [“becoming indistinct in the middle” – H. A. Pilsbry in Tryon’s Manual of conchology], lineis incrementi subtilissimis tantum sculpta, tenuis, translucida, lutescenti-viridis; apex anguste umbilicatus; apertura supra producta, angusta, infra perparum dilatata; columella parum incrassata. »
Beach drift, Port-Vendres, Eastern Pyrenean, S. France.
5,5mm. Original pictures provided by R. Huet (FR)
The genus Roxaniella was given by T. A. di Monterosato in Nomenclatura generica e specifica di alcune conchiglie mediterranee, Palermo 1884, p.145. « They are diaphanous, date-shaped species, with a rippled spiral sculpture; the columella has a twisted bead that simulates a fold. »

Beach drift, Plage de la Franqui, Leucate, Occitania, S. France. 4,2mm. In collection A. Bertrand (FR). Original pictures provided by S. Clanzig (FR) – (CC BY-NC-SA).
The shell differs from that of Retusa crebrisculpta (Monterosato, 1884) by its date-shape, while the shell of crebrisculpta has a more expanded basal extremity. Le Scole, south of the harbour, Isola del Giglio, Toscana, W. Italy. 2,5mm.

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