Monophorus perversus (Linnaeus, 1758)
Galicia to Angola, Azores to Mediterranean.
Predator on sessile preys in the infralittoral.
Original taxon: Trochus perversus.
Synonyms: maroccanum, seriatus… Many named variants. The two last basal cords are smooth; presence of additional cords just before the peristome. The species is often marbled with white on brownish background.

25m deep, Almería, Andalucia, S. Spain. 11mm.
Juvenile specimen, without protoconch, from shell grit in shallow water, Banyuls, Eastern Pyrenees, S. France. 11mm.
Paolo G. Albano: « You can recognize it [a juvenile] by the lack of a fully formed last whorl, without peristome and base which are diagnostic. The appearance of the shell is therefore truncated, with a very angulated periphery of the last whorl. »

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