Graphis albida (Kanmacher, 1798)
Norway to Mediterranean.
Ectoparasit of some shallow infralittoral tube-building worms belonging to the genus Sabellaria Lamarck. It can also be found in the lowest intertidal, hidden under stones.
Original taxon: Turbo albidus.
Synonyms: clealandiana, farolita, marioni, minuscula.
A specimen from Salakta, gouvernorat de Mahdia, Tunisia. 2mm. Original pictures provided by M. Antit for WoRMS
(CC BY-NC-SA 4.0).
« It is the Turbo albidus of Adams’s work on the Microscope (from Walker’s figure), and Turritella Clealandiana of Leach. The latter writer was of opinion that “unicus is a very improper name for a species.” Surely no shell has a better claim than the present to be considered alone of its kind, or unparalleled, which is the the meaning of the name. It once belonged to the genus Turbo, afterwards to Turritella, then to Chemnitzia (or Odostomia) , since to Aclis, and it was last transferred to Rissoa. Our dainty Ariel has long served many masters, and perhaps it is time that he should have his liberty. Should such an emancipation take place, and a new genus be required for the distinction of this unique species, Graphis might be a suitable name. » – J. G. Jeffreys: British conchology vol. IV, London 1867, p.102.

A specimen from Port-Leucate, Occitania, S. France. 2mm. Original pictures provided by S. Clanzig (FR).

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