Finella pupoides A. Adams, 1860
Indian Ocean to W. Pacific; eastern Mediterranean (1950).
Nowadays locally overabundant (Bogi & Galil, 2013) on infralittoral muddy sands. Probably detritus feeder and / or micrograzer. A. Adams notices the typical radial sculpture that progressively fades abapically. Also: « …labro margine acuto, recto. » (A. Adams: “On some new genera and species of Mollusca from Japan”, The Annals and Magazine of Natural History, third series vol. VI, London 1860, p. 336. Variable in shape (slender or chunky), sculpture strength, and colour.

On beach, Yumurtalık, Adana province, SE. Turkey. 2,2mm.
A specimen from Rodrigues island, Mascarenhas. 3,6mm.

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