Eatonina pumila (Monterosato, 1884)
Western Mediterranean to Crete. Grazer and detritus feeder in the upper half of the infralittoral. Non planktotrophic.
Original taxon: Setia pumila.
The shell is listed in Monterosato 1884b as the species described by Bucquoy, Dautzenberg & Dollfus (Mollusques marins du Roussillon, tome 1 p. 310) under the taxon Rissoa micrometrica.
Here is the description given by BDD: « Shell height 1mm, width 3/4mm, rather thin, slighly translucent, smooth, oval. Spire short made of four convex whorls, the last one proportionally large. Shallow suture. Aperture oval. Columella arched with a thin margin applied [to the base], setting a narrow umbilical slit. Labial margin simple, round. Colour: yellowish background adorned on the last whorl with three or four descending, parallel, brown narrow stripes well shown off. Horny operculum, thin, paucispiral… »

2m deep, spiaggia di Procchio, NW. coast of Elba Island, Livorno, Toscana, Italy. 0,7mm.

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