Eatonina cossuræ (Calcara, 1841)
Western Mediterranean, Adriatic. Grazer and detritus feeder in the upper half of the infralittoral. Non planktotrophic.
Original taxon: Rissoa cossuræ.
Synonyms: fasciata, jœnia, vexillata.
Apex whitish; teleoconch translucent, smooth, of a light brown, with three spiral bands of a darker brown; umbilical area and columella of the same dark colour; aperture round; spire elevated (this is the most high-spired Eatonia in the area). The species bears the name of its type-locality: Pantelleria island, Cossyra insula (« Communicatami dal prof. Pasquale Pacini e da esso lui rinvenuta nell’ Isola di Pantelleria etc. ») – 15m deep, Scilla, Calabria, SW. Italy. 0,5mm.

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