Diodora ruppellii (Sowerby, 1835)
Red Sea & eastern Africa to Mascarenhas. This is a lessepsian species, introduced in eastern Mediterranean (Suez in 1905, Palestine in 1948, S. Turkey in 1995). Predator on sessile preys, from intertidal grounds down to the low infralittoral.
Original taxon: Fissurella ruppellii.
50cm deep, on stones, Haifa bay, NW. Israel. 19,5mm.
Shell small, high, almost dome-shaped, strongly cancellate, adorned with a contrasted radiating pattern; apical opening elongate, rectangular, slightly anteriorly placed and sloping forwards; peristome denticulate, almost flat. Dedicated to the naturalist Eduard Rüppell, who provided a specimen of this shell to Mr. Cuming’s collection, from which Sowerby worked, giving here some “apparently undescribed species of the genus Fisssurella”, Proceedings of the Zoological Society of London part II, november 1834, p.128.

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